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    We monitor waves of new technological change as well as examine their potential opportunities and costs to industries and economies.


    Our mission is to help our clients convert ever-increasing change and complexity into opportunity.


    We believe that a true understanding of change requires the breaking of conventional wisdom.


    “Rough work, iconoclasm, but the only way to get at truth.”


    Oliver Wendell Holmes


  • What's New

    Some of the latest contributions from Iconoclast Tech

    London, 3 October 2019

    Comments on the FCA's proposed ban on sales of crypto-derivatives to retail investors in the United Kingdom

    New Jersey, 21-22 March 2019

    A presentation on a digital security risk management framework developed for the OECD. Slides forthcoming.

    London, 16 July 2018

    A presentation on using extreme value theory in R to model cyber risks.

    2018-2019, 12 cities around the world

    A series done with Coin Center in Washington DC to understand how crypto-currencies are being used around the world.

    European Parliamentary Research Service

    A report examining the trans-Atlantic economic costs and benefits of continuing digitalization with implications for policymakers.


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