Iconoclast Tech employs a knowledge of emerging technologies, economics and public policy to help clients in the private and public sectors understand the global consequences - and latent opportunities - from waves of technological change.


    Spotting opportunities and avoiding pitfalls requires lateral, creative thinking. This is where Iconoclast's approach excels.


    Previous work has involved helping clients answer the following questions:

    Where are opportunities in waves of technological change?

    A unique global and multidisciplinary perspective

    Technological changes can come from anywhere globally - how can you be best prepared?


    Waves of technological change can be unpredictable, stochastic and triggered by economic, political, technological, social, behavioral and historical forces.


    Iconoclast Tech monitors anomalous activities, across numerous sources, and infers how these anomalies indicate unexpected changes in future demands and needs.

    What's my risk exposure from new technologies?

    Develop metrics to measure impacts of new technologies

    New technologies bring both benefits and costs.


    It is difficult to understand to whom the benefits and costs will accrue. Industry hype and uncertainty due to complex systems obscure one's view.


    Iconoclast Tech develops metrics and model risks to help clients understand the likely impacts of technological change in areas ranging from cybersecurity, 'big data', artificial intelligence, blockchains and more.

    How are blockchains and crypto-currencies being used?

    On the ground research on the opportunities and risks

    There is a lot of hype around blockchain and crypto-currencies.


    Yet much of this information is based on a narrow, US-centric position, which potentially misses the real opportunities and risks.


    Iconoclast Tech works on the ground with people who are building and using these technologies.

    How much to invest in cyber security?

    Probabilistic models and cost-benefit analyses

    The potential losses and benefits differ from company-to-company.


    We know that cyber risks are increasing. What isn't well known is the actual exposure (contingent liabilities) that companies and entire industries face over time and how best to direct investment toward mitigating these risks.


    Iconoclast Tech applies probabilistic modeling to help clients better understand these risks and generate the highest return on investment from cyber security measures.

    What's the value of my data?

    Applying economics to information and data

    You need to understand the value of data to make best use of it and to adequately protect it.


    For all the talk of us being in an 'Information Economy', very little is known about the actual value of data.


    Iconoclast Tech helps clients understand the monetary and strategic value of data they have or might acquire through several valuation methods.

  • TEAM

    Benjamin Dean


    Benjamin has worked at the intersection of technology, economics and public policy for the past decade. He is presently a Technology Exchange Fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington DC. He was previously a Fellow for Cyber Security and Internet Governance at Columbia University in New York after time as a policy analyst at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.




    • M. International Affairs, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.

    • B. Economic and Social Sciences (Honors), University of Sydney Business School